CamArch is dedicated to the OFSAA suite

More than 25 years experience in over 40 countries and with over 100 financial services customers globally, CamArch rightly boasts the most complete OFSAA solution in the market. Our principals have worked with the OFSAA suite since 1993 and are recognized as leaders in solution design, build and management.


Founded in 1993, CamArch has a team of consultants, developers and partners around the world. Our team boasts the most complete offering for OFSAA related projects with years of experience in the industry.

"When you think OFSAA, you think CamArch"

Westpac Bank, 2002

Our quality independent advice, professionalism and experience have made us the implementation partner of choice for customers in over 40 countries. CamArch's reputation for success is second to none and we enjoy high levels of repeat business from all of our clients.

"These guys are like the mad scientists of the OFSAA world"

A competitor resource

Of course our ethics prevent us from attributing all the quotable quotes made in our presence but this one is particularly complimentary. CamArch has survived 20 years in a very competitive industry through constant innovation. Even our esteemed competition recognize this and constantly express surprise at our achievements.

The OFSAA world is a pretty small one compared to more mainstream ERP and Business Intelligence. As a result, we talk to the other firms regularly and partner with most on a regular basis.

"How on earth did you do that?"

Unnamed Consultant 2013 asking how we delivered 1200 source data files in 9 months

Like we always say, it's all about the design and the data. CamArch's investment in tools and applications is a major differentiator for us. These tools allow CamArch to scale up to the largest projects quickly and deliver results fast.

World beating tools combined with years of hands on experience provide us with the ability to deliver solutions to customers far more efficiently than most.