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"System performance was the largest factor in our success, I do not believe there is another application on the market that could process the volume of data, through the types of routines we are performing each day."

Andrew Noble - Program Director ANZ Bank 2014

CamArch investment in the development of products results in world beating performance even on mid-level hardware. Our EBIPlus suite includes many EPM and ERM modules & accelerators designed to work with OFSAA and other solutions.

In addition, we have probably the most experienced team of OFSAA EPM and ERM consultants anywhere. Our people have delivered solutions to customers all over the world since 1993 and we have a proven track record of success even where others have already tried and failed.

The OFSAA Expert Consultants

The CamArch team is made up of a group of highly experienced consultants with years of experience working with the OFSAA suite. In addition, our people are experts with the Rapid Applications suite and have delivered successful projects to customers all over the world.

The CamArch philosophy has long been that we'd rather provide a small team of people with vast experience in OFSAA, who can hit the ground running and guide your project and people to delivering a highly effective solution.

With over 20 years of OFSAA experience, our organization has pretty much been there, done that and then written about it when it comes to OFSAA. Of course, in recent years there are those who will tell you they are OFSAA experts or are "certified consultants" but the reality is that with OFSAA, all the reading in the world does not make you an expert. Only years of experience implementing the suite around the globe truly qualifies you.

With this in mind, CamArch has the highest standard of training and expertise when it comes to OFSAA. Our people must pass these most stringent criteria before being considered for customer facing work. Our customers continually compliment us on our professionalism, ethics, experience, depth of knowlege and speed of delivery, and that's the way we like it.

Dont take our word for it. Speak with our customers to see what the CamArch team could birng to your project.

World Class Add-Ons & Applications

We have since 1999, developed a number of applications designed specifically with OFSAA. The EBIPlus suite was first released in the early 2000's and is currently in Release 11. This suite of products have been used by many customers around the world to implement and enhance OFSAA functionality.

In 2006, the EBIRapid applications were introduced to help customers and implementers of the OFSAA suite map, transform and load data from disparate source systems into the OFSAA data model. This has proven the single largest challenge in any OFSAA implementation since 1990 but in 2010 CamArch, with Release 10 cracked the nut!

CamArch now boasts the worlds fastest tools to develop, build and deliver production ready source system data into OFSAA. Release 11 of the Rapid applications have been proven at customer sites with stunning results. Our own benchmarking tests performed for prospective customers delivered a blind file (a raw, undocumented source file we had not seen previously) that was mapped, transformed and application ready for the OFSAA ALM and FTP engines in under 5 hours. This same model, when productionized, then completed the entire load cycle at over 2 million customer account records per minute. All this on a server that was purchased off the shelf for under $15,000.

These applications have been proven to substantially reduce project risk, cost and delivery effort. You can view a data sheet for this product here. Speak to us today to find out how Rapid Data Modelling can accelerate your project.

High Performance OFSAA Solutions

The EBIRapid applications not only deliver eye watering performance for ETL. The Advanced Data Compression module, delivered by CamArch in 2012 provides customers, even with relatively low-end infrastructure, amazing processing power.

This module optimizes your system to deliver processing performance most customers only dream of. Don't spend your money on expensive hardware when a software based solution, that can be installed in minutes and configured in an hour or so, will deliver better results and will continue to deliver far beyond your future hardware upgrade cycles.

So confident are we in this product that we'll give you a money back guarantee. If it doesn't deliver then deinstall it within 30 days and we'll return your license fees no questions asked.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

CamArch Professional Services provides the most cost effective implementation model available in the market today. Over 20 years experience has taught us that the greatest value-add in OFSAA projects is the ability to bring to the table a huge depth of knowledge and provide your team with the knowledge and expertise to manage your solution your way.

Organizationally, CamArch has well over 150 years of collective knowledge & experience with OFSAA. Our internal knowledge base contains over 160,000 articles, file notes and other documents pertaining to over 100 customer projects since 1993.

This experience and vast institutional intellectual repository allows us to deliver customer solutions faster and with less risk. Customers have benefitted from this experience for over 21 years and continue to do so today. Don't take our word for it. Speak to one of our customers today.

Fastest, Most Efficient OFSA > OFSAA Migrations Available

CamArch has developed code based solutions for an OFSAA migration toolkit which has been used on over 8 legacy OFSA 4.5 migration projects in the past two years. As a result we probably have more OFSA > OFSAA migration experience than anyone else and our investment in productivity boosting tools like the Rapid Migration Toolkit means we can deliver faster and cheaper migrations than anyone.

CamArch has proven experience in these types of projects with reference customers in Asia Pacific and North America.

Proven Implementation Methodology

Let's face it, the way you approach an OFSAA implementation is probably the most important factor to achieve a successful outcome.

Over the past 20 years CamArch has developed and proven a flexible methodology that ensures the customer gets what they want, within a practical and flexible framework, and is left with in-house expertise armed with the knowledge to run and evolve your solution for the next ten years.

One of the biggest mistakes we see around the world are projects where the customer has brought in an army of consultants to implement their solution only to see the skills and knowledge base walk out the door at the end of the project. At CamArch our objective is to provide your people with the requisite knowledge and experience during the project, leaving you with a multi-skilled team of in-house support going forward.

Our agile approach to projects translates into an efficient organization that delivers results not promises. It provides ongoing benefits from day one of the project and continues to the finish line, ensuring you see the value of your investment grow over time. Our up to date education services and courseware are available for customers throughout the project to ensure your people are knowledgable, with the skills needed to make effective decisions and continue the evolution of your system long after we have left.