"Support of the product has been fantastic with excellent turnaround times and new features being delivered to meet our data footprints and processing requirements."

Customer Project Manager 2014

Our customers love our approach to delivering thier solutions.

Every customer is a reference, every project a success. That's a fact we're proud of and love to tell the world. We continue to innovate every day and encourage our customers to tell us what they want. Often the best product ideas come from the people who use the products every day. That's why we're constantly adding new functionality and processes to our products and services.

"The capacity to confirm how a particular field has been populated across 350 separate source systems is brilliant"

ANZ Data Analyst, 2013

CamArch products and services deliver world class value to our customers and it shows. We have proven time and again that experience counts and the most successful OFSAA projects are those where CamArch has played a key role. If you're looking to implement or upgrade OFSAA, we have the tools and experience to make it happen efficiently and with the smallest impact on your bottom line. We'd rather establish oursleves as your long-term OFSAA partner by providing you with the best possible project experience than simply winning the project and moving on to the next customer.

"Rapid ETL is much faster in processing, the multiprocessing feature generates results in a fraction of the time…"

ANZ Implementation Consultant, 2013

Customers who have tried the Rapid Data Modelling application have been astounded at how easy it is to use and how fast it works in production. These customers have often already tried using other off the shelf products and been disappointed with the results both in effort and cost.

Training in the use of Rapid only takes a few hours and the intelligent learning feature means that your ETL layer gets smarter the more you use it.

With production processing at over 2 million rows per minute even the largest customers experience a performance leap large enough to change montly processing into daily processing almost overnight. Imagine being able to provide production ready data for over 10 million customer accounts in around 5 minutes?

A Few CamArch Customers